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Use Cases

Our platform supports virtually any wireless service that exists


Launch your mobile brand

Fixed Wireless

Offer internet anywhere

Failover Internet

Keep customers connected

Internet Of Things

Connect any device


Launch a Branded Mobile Service
with an MVNO

Launching a new mobile service is a fantastic way to serve a specific customer segment. Our clients are either starting a new business or adding mobile to their existing product line-up. The big advantage of working with ReachNEXT is the speed to market and quality support you get when working with us.


Offer Internet Anywhere

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to run a cable over a mountain for three customers. That’s why many internet providers also offer fixed wireless internet options to ensure households can get connected no matter which side of the mountain they live on. Our platform can be used standalone or as part of your existing business systems to sell and manage your fixed wireless service.


Keep Customers Connected

Sometimes the internet going down simply isn’t an option. If your enterprise or customers need a backup connection, our system will keep their data flowing. We offer a range of turnkey deployments so that you’ll never notice where your system ends and ours begins. Your service can go live in a matter of weeks, so you can go from wishful thinking to reality in record time.


Connect Any Device

Looking to add a wireless network connection to your device? Well, we can certainly help with that. Our platform and experienced team can get your device connected to the internet no matter where in the world it goes. Our platform has simplified the process of getting setup to sell and manage your wireless IOT customers so you can focus on selling and not troubleshooting.

Deployment Options

Whether you prefer going to a buffet, ordering from the kitchen, or making food at home, our team can help you launch your MVNO quickly and to your specifications

Co-Branded Partnership

We handle 90% of your wireless network service operations.

Your primary concern will be marketing and promotion.

Perfect for growing businesses looking to launch rapidly.

Lowest cost to launch.

Great for :

Cable companies looking for additional revenue streams.

Internet companies that want to improve their churn rate.

Organizations with a niche target market segment.

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